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Buddhist definition. Note: May not apply to all sects.
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Simple Dictionary Definition


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yìn dù / yin4 du4
yin tu
 Indo / いんど
 Vertical Wall Scroll
(ateji / phonetic) (kana only) India; (place-name) India
印特伽; 身毒; 賢豆; 天竺 Indu (meaning 'moon' in Sanskrit), Hindu, Sindhu; see also 信度 and 閻浮 India in general. In the Tang dynasty its territory is described as extending over 90, 000 li in circuit, being bounded on three sides by the sea; north it rested on the Snow mountains 雪山, i. e. Himālayas; wide at the north, narrowing to the south, shaped like a half-moon; it contained over seventy kingdoms, was extremely hot, well watered and damp; from the centre eastwards to 震旦 China was 58, 000 li; and the same distance southwards to 金地國, westwards to 阿拘遮國, and northwards to 小香山阿耨達.


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yìn dù rén / yin4 du4 ren2
yin tu jen
 indojin / インドじん
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Indian (person); CL:個|个[ge4]; Indian people
(ateji / phonetic) Indian


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yìn dù jiào / yin4 du4 jiao4
yin tu chiao
 Indokyō / いんどきょう
Hinduism; Indian religion


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yìn dù hé / yin4 du4 he2
yin tu ho
Indus River
Indus River


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yìn dù yáng / yin4 du4 yang2
yin tu yang
 indoyou / indoyo / いんどよう
Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean



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yìn dù ǎo / yin4 du4 ao3
yin tu ao
Parsee or Parsi, member of the Zoroastrian sect (religion)



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yìn dù xué / yin4 du4 xue2
yin tu hsüeh
 Indo gaku
Indian studies


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 indose / いんどせ (place-name) Indose


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xī yìn dù / xi1 yin4 du4
hsi yin tu
West Indies (i.e. the Caribbean)


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 higashiindo / higashindo / ひがしインド East Indies; (place-name) East Indies (old term for India and the Malay Archipelago)


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zhōng yìn dù / zhong1 yin4 du4
chung yin tu
 Chū indo
Central India


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wǔ yìn dù / wu3 yin4 du4
wu yin tu
 Go Indo
five Indias


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běi yìn dù / bei3 yin4 du4
pei yin tu
 Hoku Indo
Northern India


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yìn dù zhī nà / yin4 du4 zhi1 na4
yin tu chih na
 indoshina / インドシナ
Indo-China (transliteration)
(ateji / phonetic) (kana only) Indochina


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yìn dù jiào tú / yin4 du4 jiao4 tu2
yin tu chiao t`u / yin tu chiao tu
Hindu; adherent of Hinduism


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yìn dù sī tǎn / yin4 du4 si1 tan3
yin tu ssu t`an / yin tu ssu tan



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yìn dù shí bào / yin4 du4 shi2 bao4
yin tu shih pao
India Times



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yìn dù yīn yuè / yin4 du4 yin1 yue4
yin tu yin yüeh
Bhangra, Indian music (music genre)


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yìn dù guǐ jiāo / yin4 du4 gui3 jiao1
yin tu kuei chiao
see 斷魂椒|断魂椒[duan4 hun2 jiao1]


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 indotetsugaku / インドてつがく Indian philosophy



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yìn dù zhé xué / yin4 du4 zhe2 xue2
yin tu che hsüeh
 Indo tetsugaku / インドてつがく
(out-dated kanji) Indian philosophy
Indian philosophy


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yìn dù fó jiào / yin4 du4 fo2 jiao4
yin tu fo chiao
 Indo bukkyō
Indian Buddhism, which began in Magadha, now Bihar, under Śākyamuni, the date of whose nirvana was circa 486 B. C. v. 佛 and 佛教.



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běi yìn dù yǔ / bei3 yin4 du4 yu3
pei yin tu yü
Hindi; a north Indian language



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luó mó yìn dù / luo2 mo2 yin4 du4
lo mo yin tu
Helmend a river rising in Afghanistan.


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 ranryouindo / ranryoindo / らんりょうインド (place-name) Dutch East Indies



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yìn dù rén mín dǎng / yin4 du4 ren2 min2 dang3
yin tu jen min tang
Bharatiya Janata Party



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yìn dù guó dà dǎng / yin4 du4 guo2 da4 dang3
yin tu kuo ta tang
Indian Congress party



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yìn dù ní xī yà / yin4 du4 ni2 xi1 ya4
yin tu ni hsi ya
 Vertical Wall Scroll



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yìn dù yǎn jìng shé / yin4 du4 yan3 jing4 she2
yin tu yen ching she
Indian Cobra (Naja naja)



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yìn dù jīn huáng lí / yin4 du4 jin1 huang2 li2
yin tu chin huang li
(bird species of China) Indian golden oriole (Oriolus kundoo)


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 indoshumokuzame;indoshumokuzame / いんどしゅもくざめ;インドシュモクザメ (kana only) (See ウィングヘッドシャーク) winghead shark (Eusphyra blochii, species of Indo-West Pacific hammerhead shark)


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 indoneshia / インドネシア (ateji / phonetic) (kana only) Indonesia


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 indobodaiju;indobodaiju / いんどぼだいじゅ;インドボダイジュ (kana only) sacred fig (Ficus religiosa); peepul; bo-tree; bodhi tree; pippala tree; ashwattha tree


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yìn dù fó jiào shǐ / yin4 du4 fo2 jiao4 shi3
yin tu fo chiao shih
 Indo bukkyōshi
History of Buddhism in India



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dōng yìn dù gōng sī / dong1 yin4 du4 gong1 si1
tung yin tu kung ssu
East India Company


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 higashiindogaisha / higashindogaisha / ひがしいんどがいしゃ East India Company


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 ranryouhigashiindo / ranryohigashindo / らんりょうひがしインド (place-name) Dutch East Indies



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yìn dù ní xī yà yǔ / yin4 du4 ni2 xi1 ya4 yu3
yin tu ni hsi ya yü
Indonesian language



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yìn dù zhī nà bàn dǎo / yin4 du4 zhi1 na4 ban4 dao3
yin tu chih na pan tao
Indochina (old term, esp. colonial period); now written 中南半島|中南半岛[Zhong1 nan2 Ban4 dao3]


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yìn dù háng kōng gōng sī / yin4 du4 hang2 kong1 gong1 si1
yin tu hang k`ung kung ssu / yin tu hang kung kung ssu
Air India


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 indokyou / indokyo / インドきょう (See ヒンドゥー教) Hinduism


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 indo / インド (kana only) India


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 indoshina / インドシナ (kana only) Indochina


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 indoneshia / インドネシア (kana only) Indonesia


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 higashiindogaisha / higashindogaisha / ひがしインドがいしゃ East India Company


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 indobodaiju;indobodaiju / インドぼだいじゅ;インドボダイジュ (kana only) sacred fig (Ficus religiosa); bodhi tree; bo tree; peepal tree; pipal tree


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 indoshumokuzame;indoshumokuzame / インドしゅもくざめ;インドシュモクザメ (kana only) (See ウィングヘッドシャーク) winghead shark (Eusphyra blochii, species of Indo-West Pacific hammerhead shark)


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 indoyou / indoyo / インドよう Indian Ocean


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 indojin / インドじん Indian


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 indotetsugaku / インドてつがく Indian philosophy

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