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Mandarin Mandarin Chinese information.
Wade Giles Old Wade-Giles romanization used only in Taiwan.
Japanese Japanese information.
Buddhist definition. Note: May not apply to all sects.
 Definition may be different outside of Buddhism.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin wú biān / wu2 bian1
Taiwan wu pien
Japanese muhen
Chinese without boundary; not bordered
ananta; endless, boundless, limitless, infinite, e.g. like space.



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Mandarin wú biān gù / wu2 bian1 gu4
Taiwan wu pien ku
Japanese muhen ko
because [it] is limitless



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Mandarin wú biān jìn / wu2 bian1 jin4
Taiwan wu pien chin
Japanese mu henjin
endless and inexhaustible



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Mandarin wú biān xíng / wu2 bian1 xing2
Taiwan wu pien hsing
Japanese muhen gyō
Unlimited Practice



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Mandarin wú biān shēn / wu2 bian1 shen1
Taiwan wu pien shen
Japanese muhen shin
The immeasurable body of the Buddha: the more the Brahman measured it the higher it grew, so he threw away his measuring rod, which struck root and became a forest; limitless body



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Mandarin wú biān jì / wu2 bian1 ji4
Taiwan wu pien chi
Japanese mu hensai



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Mandarin kōng wú biān / kong1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan k`ung wu pien / kung wu pien
Japanese kū muhen
spacious without limit



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Mandarin shì wú biān / shi4 wu2 bian1
Taiwan shih wu pien
Japanese shikimuhen
limitless consciousness



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Mandarin biān wú biān / bian1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan pien wu pien
Japanese hen muhen
limited and limitless


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Mandarin fēi wú biān / fei1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan fei wu pien
not without limit



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Mandarin wú biān wú jì / wu2 bian1 wu2 ji4
Taiwan wu pien wu chi
Japanese muhen musai
Chinese boundless; limitless
limitless and endless



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Mandarin wú biān sān shì / wu2 bian1 san1 shi4
Taiwan wu pien san shih
Japanese muhen sanse
the limitless three times



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Mandarin wú biān shì jiè / wu2 bian1 shi4 jie4
Taiwan wu pien shih chieh
Japanese muhen sekai
The infinite world, i.e. space; also infinite worlds; the numberless worlds in infinite space; limitless world



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Mandarin wú biān guāng fó / wu2 bian1 guang1 fo2
Taiwan wu pien kuang fo
Japanese Muhen kōbutsu
Buddha of Boundless Light



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Mandarin wú biān chà jìng / wu2 bian1 cha4 jing4
Taiwan wu pien ch`a ching / wu pien cha ching
Japanese muhen sekkyō
limitless realm



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Mandarin wú biān yīn guǒ / wu2 bian1 yin1 guo3
Taiwan wu pien yin kuo
Japanese muhen inga
unlimited causes and effects



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Mandarin wú biān fǎ jiè / wu2 bian1 fa3 jie4
Taiwan wu pien fa chieh
Japanese muhen hokkai
The infinite world of things; the realm of things infinite in number; the infinite universe behind all phenomena; limitless realm of reality



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Mandarin wú biān wú jìn / wu2 bian1 wu2 jin4
Taiwan wu pien wu chin
Japanese muhen mujin
limitless, inexhaustible



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Mandarin màn wú biān jì / man4 wu2 bian1 ji4
Taiwan man wu pien chi
Chinese extremely vast; boundless; limitless; digressing; discursive; going off on tangents; straying far off topic



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Mandarin shì jiān wú biān / shi4 jian1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan shih chien wu pien
Japanese seken muhen
the world is infiinte



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Mandarin guǎng dà wú biān / guang3 da4 wu2 bian1
Taiwan kuang ta wu pien
Japanese kōdai muhen



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Mandarin yìng yòng wú biān / ying4 yong4 wu2 bian1
Taiwan ying yung wu pien
Japanese ōyō muhen
Omnipresent response to need; universal ability to aid; omnipresent response to need



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Mandarin yǒu biān wú biān / you3 bian1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan yu pien wu pien
Japanese uhen muhen
limited and limitless



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Mandarin wú shǐ wú biān / wu2 shi3 wu2 bian1
Taiwan wu shih wu pien
Japanese mushi muhen
The Buddha-truth is without beginning and infinite; beginningless and limitless



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Mandarin wú liáng wú biān / wu2 liang2 wu2 bian1
Taiwan wu liang wu pien
Japanese muryō muhen
countless and limitless



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Mandarin kōng wú biān chù / kong1 wu2 bian1 chu4
Taiwan k`ung wu pien ch`u / kung wu pien chu
Japanese kū muhen sho
the sphere of the infinity of space



see styles
Mandarin xū kōng wú biān / xu1 kong1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan hsü k`ung wu pien / hsü kung wu pien
Japanese kokū muhen
space has no limit



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Mandarin zhòng shēng wú biān / zhong4 sheng1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan chung sheng wu pien
Japanese shūjō muhen
sentient beings are limitless [in number]



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Mandarin shì wú biān chù / shi4 wu2 bian1 chu4
Taiwan shih wu pien ch`u / shih wu pien chu
Japanese shiki muhen sho
sphere of limitless consciousness



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Mandarin wú biān kōng chù tiān / wu2 bian1 kong1 chu4 tian1
Taiwan wu pien k`ung ch`u t`ien / wu pien kung chu tien
Japanese muhen kūsho ten
heaven of infinite space



see styles
Mandarin wú biān shì chù tiān / wu2 bian1 shi4 chu4 tian1
Taiwan wu pien shih ch`u t`ien / wu pien shih chu tien
Japanese muhen shikisho ten
heaven of infinite consciousness



see styles
Mandarin kōng wú biān chù dì / kong1 wu2 bian1 chu4 di4
Taiwan k`ung wu pien ch`u ti / kung wu pien chu ti
Japanese kū muhensho chi
realm of infinite space



see styles
Mandarin kōng wú biān chù tiān / kong1 wu2 bian1 chu4 tian1
Taiwan k`ung wu pien ch`u t`ien / kung wu pien chu tien
Japanese kūmuhensho ten
heaven of unlimited space



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Mandarin kōng wú biān chù dìng / kong1 wu2 bian1 chu4 ding4
Taiwan k`ung wu pien ch`u ting / kung wu pien chu ting
Japanese kū muhen sho jō
the sphere of the infinity of space



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Mandarin shì wú biān chù dì / shi4 wu2 bian1 chu4 di4
Taiwan shih wu pien ch`u ti / shih wu pien chu ti
Japanese shiki muhensho chi
realm of infinite perception



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Mandarin zhī wú biān zhū fó zhì / zhi1 wu2 bian1 zhu1 fo2 zhi4
Taiwan chih wu pien chu fo chih
Japanese chi muhen shobutsu chi
To have the infinite Buddha-wisdom (of knowing all the Buddha-worlds and how to save the beings in them); to have the infinite Buddha-wisdom



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Mandarin zhòng shēng wú biān shì yuàn dù / zhong4 sheng1 wu2 bian1 shi4 yuan4 du4
Taiwan chung sheng wu pien shih yüan tu
Japanese shūjō muhen seigan do
(I) vow to save all living beings without limit



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Mandarin shì jiān yì yǒu biān yì wú biān / shi4 jian1 yi4 you3 bian1 yi4 wu2 bian1
Taiwan shih chien i yu pien i wu pien
Japanese seken yaku uhen yaku muhen
the world is both finite and infinite



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Mandarin shì jiān fēi yǒu biān fēi wú biān / shi4 jian1 fei1 you3 bian1 fei1 wu2 bian1
Taiwan shih chien fei yu pien fei wu pien
Japanese seken hi uhen hi muhen
the world is neither finite nor infinite



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Mandarin wú liàng wú biān ā sēng qí jié / wu2 liang4 wu2 bian1 a1 seng1 qi2 jie2
Taiwan wu liang wu pien a seng ch`i chieh / wu liang wu pien a seng chi chieh
Japanese muryō muhen asōgikō
innumerable, unlimited, incalculable eons


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Mandarin xiǎn wú biān fó tǔ gōng dé jīng / xian3 wu2 bian1 fo2 tu3 gong1 de2 jing1
Taiwan hsien wu pien fo t`u kung te ching / hsien wu pien fo tu kung te ching
Sūtra Revealing the Qualities of the Infinite Buddha-Lands



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Mandarin kǔ hǎi wú biān , huí tóu shì àn / ku3 hai3 wu2 bian1 , hui2 tou2 shi4 an4
Taiwan k`u hai wu pien , hui t`ou shih an / ku hai wu pien , hui tou shih an
Chinese The sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn your head to see the shore (idiom). Only Buddhist enlightenment can allow one to shed off the abyss of worldly suffering.; Repent and ye shall be saved!



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Mandarin chū shēng wú biān mén tuó luó ní jīng / chu1 sheng1 wu2 bian1 men2 tuo2 luo2 ni2 jing1
Taiwan ch`u sheng wu pien men t`o lo ni ching / chu sheng wu pien men to lo ni ching
Japanese Shusshō muhen mon daranikyō
Dhāraṇī of the [Birth of the] Infinite Portal

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